Ben Rabicoff

Things I Use

This is a list of things I use on a daily basis — everything from what I carry in my pockets to software. This is a living list, so items update regularly.

The idea for this page was borrowed with love from my good friend, Jason Zook.

Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry Items Ben Rabicoff Uses

I've always been fascinated with the subject of "EDC" and seeing all the gadgets people carry with them daily. I'm somewhat of a minimalist, so there are only three items you'll find on me at all times.


I've been an iPhone user since the iPhone 3G in 2008. I'm currently using the iPhone X — 256 GB in silver.


It wasn't until recently I started to carry headphones on me at all times — and they always seem to come in handy. Currently, I'm using Apple Airpods. I use a TwelveSouth sticker on my case so I can distinguish them from my wifes.


I've tried far too many "minimalist" wallets over the years, and they've all had thier pros and cons. The Spine wallet is my newest in the arsenal, and my favorite of the bunch thus far.


Hardware Ben Rabicoff Uses


I'm currently pushing pixels on a 27" Retina with 5K display. It's configured with the 4.2GHz Intel Core i7, Radeon Pro 580 graphics card, 1TB SSD, and 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 memory.

Keyboard & Mouse

Keeping it in the family with my computer, I'm using the Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Keyboard. For my mousepad, I use a SteelSeries QcK.


The current setup is a ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem running into the —sadly sunet— Apple Airport Extreme (6th generation). This is wired into a Linksys 16-Port Gigabit Switch, which runs CAT5e into the office and living room. I get a respectable 360Mbps down from Spectrum Cable.

White Noise

Unlike most designers and developers, I prefer to have the background noise of a movie or television show as opposed to music. There is a 40" Vizio LED hanging in the wall of the office, with a 4th generation Apple TV tucked snugly behind.


Furniture Ben Rabicoff Uses


After running through multiple Ikea desks —and spending far too long trying to find the exact desk I'd imagined in my mind— I ended up building my own. I sanded and stained a 2.5 x 8ft piece of butcher block and screwed that into a labrynthy maze of galvanized pipes. It's super clean and gives plenty of room for both my wife and I to work.


After years of sitting on an exercise ball, then an Ikea Markus, I finally invested in a Herman Miller Aeron — but not an off the shelf option. Herman Miller didn't manufacture the exact color combination I wanted, so I spent some serious time and effort to have a completely Custom Herman Miller Aeron built.


Kitchen Items Ben Rabicoff Uses

I have difficulty in the morning speaking to another human until I've consumed caffeine. Over the years I've tried a traditional coffee pot, Kuerig, french press, and Chemex. My current method of choice is freshly grinding beans that I pick up from a local farmers market, and an espresso machine.

Espresso Machine

I use the Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine. This model had higher end features like PID temperature control and dual boilers — both of which you typically only find on higher end, far more expensive machines.

Coffee Grinder

For grinding beans, I use the Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder. I chose this model based on the great reviews, and a few friends who had said they've been using theirs for years with no issues.


Software Ben Rabicoff Uses


I use Sketch for all of my design work, and Photoshop when it comes to anything photo related.


I use Google Chrome Safari as my primary browser, Sublime Text Atom VS Code as my code editor, Terminal where needed, ImageOptim to compress images, GitHub for version control, and Transmit for anything SFTP related.


I use Dropbox to store my entire filesystem, Blackblaze to backup my iMac, and Carbon Copy Cloner once a week to clone a physical and bootable backup onto a Samsung SSD T5.

This Website

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