Ben Rabicoff



May 10, 2017

Ever since the day I swiped to unlock my iPhone for the first time, I’ve had a fascination with the homescreen. I love seeing the apps people choose to give front page real estate, how the apps are arranged, and what background image they’ve chosen. This interest led me to create, a site where…

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Optimizing Google Analytics Code

April 29, 2017

Often times websites contain third-party scripts that have to be included which you have little to no control over. When it comes to optimizing a site for performance, these can pose serious issues. The most common third-party script I tend to see is Google Analytics. I took a look at three different methods to implement…

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Latest Library

March 30, 2017

In my never-ending obsession of hacking and tinkering, I realized there are a lot of libraries out there when it comes to programming, a lot. JavaScript, CSS, PHP, Ruby – you name it, there is a library or framework for it. I decided to throw together a site, LatestLib (latest library), that showcases all these…

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Adding Secure HTTP Response Headers in Wordpress

February 17, 2017

WordPress powers over 27 percent of the entire internet, so it’s no surprise websites using WordPress are a common target for hackers. While the WordPress Security Team does a fantastic job staying on top of vulnerabilities, there are numerous other precautions that can be taken. One example is Secure HTTP response headers. What Are HTTP…

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A Better Link Underline

February 5, 2017

It’s always bothered me that by default, an underline of a link runs right through descenders like a freight train. Descenders, being the portion of a letter that extends below the baseline – q, y, p, g, j. With an underline running directly through these, visually, it just looks off and decreases legibility. The good…

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Stop Specifying iOS Webpage Icons

January 18, 2017

I “view source” a lot. It’s a force of habit. I love seeing how websites are constructed. But I have to admit, one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing iOS Webpage Icons specified at EVERY resolution in the head of a document. Just seeing multiple lines of the same icon at different resolutions feels,…

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System Fonts Are Great

January 1, 2017

It’s a bold statement, right? I’m sure as I wrote the title I felt the collective cringe of every web designer and typeface lover in the universe. Myself included. As I was designing and building my new site, the inevitable decision of which fonts to use reared its ugly head. And not just which fonts…

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