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Updated: April 7th, 2019

Ever since the day I swiped to unlock my iPhone for the first time, I’ve had a fascination with the homescreen. I love seeing the apps people choose to give front page real estate, how the apps are arranged, and what background image they’ve chosen.

This interest led me to create, a site where people could upload their homescreen and tag apps they use. Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t have the bandwidth to build the site out to its full potential, and soon after launched.

I decided to update this post once or twice a year with my newest homescreen and apps. Here is my current setup:

Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2019

The current setup has two key visual changes — background, and social media apps.

This is the first time I've ever had a solid color background, but now I had good reason. With the OLED on the iPhone X, black is now truly black.

The second change was a throwback to 2015, where I moved all my social media apps to the second screen. I wanted to be more present, and without those in view everytime I unlock my phone, I've found the urge to use them all far less.

For my main app area, items have remained fairly the same with a few minor changes. Apple Wallet was kicked off the homescreen due to the fact I can now double-click the side button for access, and both weather apps were removed as I now have them as widgets that I can quickly swipe right to access. I also removed Reminders, rolling most of the items I had stored there into Notes.

In place of the apps removed, I've substituted with apps I use far more often — 1Password, Dropbox, and Overcast.

For the dock area, nothing has changed since 2013. I'm still happy with Phone, Messages, Mail, and Reeder.

Archived Homescreens

Below I'll keep an archive of how my homescreen changes over the years.


Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2018


Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2017


Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2016


Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2015


Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2014


Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2013


Ben Rabicoff Homescreen 2012