Ben Rabicoff


I help individuals and businesses identify, investigate, and validate challenges they may be facing online. Then, design, craft, ship and test solutions.

How I Can Help You

Strategy & Planning
Creating an online product can be difficult. Especially a beautiful, user-friendly, lightning fast experience that meets business goals. I provide feedback (whether starting from scratch or a redesign) on goals, messaging, experience, and measurements of success.
User Experience
Taking into account business goals and objectives—as well as understanding users, what they need, and what they value—is crucial for success. I provide feedback on user experience and usability with detailed recommendations on how to make improvements.
Design & Usability
Design is not just pure aesthetics. This can make the experience poor and overly complex. Design is about solving problems. Design should be simple, make the user feel good, and most importantly, be intuitive. I provide feedback on design with detailed recommendations on how to make improvements.
Users go through multiple layers using your website (HTML, CSS, Javascript). Optimization at every level is crucial. I provide feedback on web performance with detailed recommendations on how to make improvements.
Analytics, A/B Testing & Conversion Optimization
Analytics provides a solid answer (not guess) to which parts of your website are underperforming. I provide feedback on your analytics setup, with detailed recommendations on how to make improvements and help to create a testing strategy.

How Does Advising Work?

We start with an initial phone call to go over the project, goals, challenges you may be facing, and any other details important to the project. If we agree the project is a great fit for the both of us, awesome! We work out the details and get started.

We work together and come up with a regular meeting schedule. Meetings can take place by phone, video or in person. In between meetings, you have unlimited, 24/7 access to me.

Ready to get started?

Advising availability is limited. I choose a small hand full of clients that I can concentrate and give my full attention. You can always be added to the wait list if no spots are available.

Email me at to get started.