Ben Rabicoff


Hello! My name is Ben Rabicoff. I currently live in Yorba Linda, California with my amazing wife Lindsay Rabicoff, son Keegan, and pup Indy.

Rabicoff Family

I'm a product designer and advisor. I’ve been designing and developing for screens of all shapes and sizes since 1996. I’m passionate about creating online experiences that look and perform exceptionally.

As a product designer, I design and think holistically. This means not only visual design (UI), interaction design (IxD), and user experience design (UX), but also understanding the business value behind every decision. My participation in all phases of a product is key—from discovery, delivery to iteration. I think about the customers’ journey over time as they interact with a product and company as a whole. In addition, as a product designer I'm well versed in user research, analytics, prototyping, and front-end development.

I help individuals and businesses identify, investigate, and validate challenges they may be facing online. Then, design, craft, ship and test solutions.

Looking for help on your project? You can email me at or find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.